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Forget "No pain No Gain" That Slogan

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    When I started bodybuilding building almost 40 years ago. I had no idea, what I was doing.
    One day, my wife came to the weight lifting room and found me unconscious.
    I was doing the military press, and it was only 225 but I found myself fainting and realizing it found a safe place to pass out, thankfully.
    Doing that time my routines were copied from people unbeknown to me that were on steroids.
    The determination to keep up with those guys led me to over train. For years, overtraining persisted. When I started putting my personal routines together to build the body from my imagination that’s when the progress started. And has continued up until today. In my 30s, the bench was around 300. 40 years old 300-350. In my 50s around 375-400. 60’s it climbed pound by pound. Until today I bench the equivalent of 506 pounds. I do a full-body workout. A few months ago, falling my elbow was swollen, but I’m back to the full routine once again and working my way back.on the bench with 225×35, 275×30, 300×25, 325×20. This is to ensure the elbow does not become bruised once more. Next week, I’ll add 350×15 then over time 375×12, 400×10, etc. Let’s not forget my age. I do not follow the pain for gain. Most of what you probably hear is not true for you. Anyone can become and remain a bodybuilder. However, most just like me when I started is going about it wrong. If you’re a bodybuilder, you should be building your body and body parts for life not to break down and rebuild itself. The people that are doing that are on the juice. I can bench the equivalent of 506. Deadlift the equivalent of 1000lb. Let’s not forget my age. When I was in my 40s, the notion was that you stopped making muscle at 50, and I was frightened. Nonetheless, that was not true and or the new supplements some of which do work. Have help tremendously. Back in the day we only had liver tablets. Or mix one dozen eggs, creme, a gallon of milk and oil. I have been here though it all. If you don’t enjoy bodybuilding, then talk to me. If you have slowed progress talk to me, whatever your concern or your contribution of help, let’s talk about bodybuilding.

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