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    As the great Leroy Colbert stated, “You are building your body, not destroying it.
    Forget no pain no gain. That’s for those on steroids or enhancement drugs.
    For long life, you want to build your perfect body. A body you can be proud of for the many years ahead of you. I’m 70 years old benching the equivalent of 506lb.
    Most of what you have learned about bodybuilding is not true as you might suspect. Any questions about the lifetime sport you might have simply asked, and I will answer. Keep in mind my age and I and Arnold is the same age. However, I have never used steroids. And my guess is that if I had, my condition would not be of a super body Oldtimer. Benching 506, partial deadlifts of over 800-1000, partial squats of over 700-900lb. All of these are within a safety cage. When I was 40 years old I read ” Most men stop making muscle around the age of 50. I was scared and said, “I had better begin making muscle now before it’s too late”. The statement of not making muscle after 50 was false.
    Keep in mind I use a safety cage for these only for strength. Bodybuilding would not require this massive amount of weight to be lifted. However, the overload has its place but is not necessary. Especially since most people today want just a slim body with 6 or eight pack stomach.

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